We are passionate about the future of our world and know that the health of our planet directly impacts the health of every single one of us. We recognise that natural ecosystems must be protected, that precious resources must be carefully stewarded and that effective environmental projects support both people and planet to thrive.

Ecosystem Restoration

To nurture our own health, we must protect our natural ecosystems and give them the space to heal and restore. We are listening and learning from experts; indigenous and traditional wisdom alongside scientists, academics and the communities at the heart of these projects to guide us in our funding.

Our goal is to champion environmental recovery by funding work that; protects and preserves ancient forests and their communities from deforestation including in The Amazon Rainforest, The Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia and The Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. Closer to home, we are supporting projects to restore healthy rivers and waterways in the UK using natural solutions such as the reintroduction of the Beaver and championing the reduction of harmful pesticide use.

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Regenerative Farming

Our goal is to support projects that restore healthy soils and food and farming systems through regenerative agriculture and food production. In the UK this work includes projects to support soil health, seed sovereignty and collaborative alliances that champion social and environmental justice in relation to food and farming. In India, we have historically worked with farming communities to construct wells, diversify crops and improve livelihoods. We are developing this programme of work to include projects that support agroecological farming practices and zero budget farming techniques.

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Flooding in Bihar, India
Climate Justice

The responsibility of maintaining a healthy planet does not lie with any specific group, and the work we fund is as much about encouraging individual action as it is about influencing wider system changes. We recognise the vital role of law and climate justice in contributing to long-term change.

We support environmental lawyers and organisations who work on holding governments and corporates to account over harmful practices and policies that are damaging human and environmental health. We are particularly interested in work to highlight and prevent the dangers of hazardous chemicals that are causing devastating effects on human health and biodiversity.

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I find myself very lucky to have this well – it was my dream which has now come true

Akuti, farmer, Chhattisgarh