We are a family charitable trust representing a range of interests and expertise. Our Trustees are driven by compassion to help people and our planet; be it an immediate emotional response or a long-term strategic intervention.    


We see our work as more than just giving grants. We aim to raise awareness of an issue and bring together like-minded people to join us in finding solutions. We look for partners who bring expert local knowledge, who are open to working collaboratively and where we can leverage our funding in order to make the most impact. Geographically, we aren’t limited to, but will always ensure a portion of funds are distributed to India, recognising the heritage of our Founding Trustees. 


For twenty two years, our focus has primarily been to support community health and environment projects. Together with support from friends and donors we have donated £14 million in grants. We make sure 100% of your donation goes directly to projects and ensure it delivers the maximum benefit to those in need. 

Over the last 22 years our funding has helped:

Over £14 Million


"People have all sorts of approaches to philanthropy, for me it was a phone call with Mother Teresa that inspired a desire to give something back to those who have so little in the world. I think it’s all about what speaks to your soul, which will be different for each of us. My philosophy is very simple and based on compassion. I believe in planning and knowing you are making a difference, but I also believe in spontaneous charity. If something is happening now that’s desperate and you have the money to give – then give it!” Arjun Waney, OBE


Arjun Waney founded the Savitri Waney Charitable Trust in 2001 to make a difference to those living in poverty. The Trust is named in memory of his mother, the late Mrs Savitri Waney. Keen to apply his business acumen to his philanthropic endeavors, Arjun led the Trust in investing in cost efficient interventions with transformative results. We funded our first eye care project in 2001, twenty years later it remains a family trust; with program areas and project interests driven by causes and interests close to their hearts. Ultimately health – of individuals, communities, and the environment.

Recognising the continued need for our work, the Trust has increasingly reached out to other donors, offering 100% of donations to go to the project of their choice, while at the same time, providing monitoring and evaluation, so as to provide a guarantee of quality and effectiveness.