In our recent visit to India, we got the opportunity to visit an inspiration project in Delhi called Project Why. Run by the formidable Anou the project has evolved to fill the enormous educational gap that faces thousands of young children living in the slums of Delhi. For those kids who have the registered papers to attend school, often the reality is they’re not getting the education they need. For many more, they don’t even have the papers to register and education is a distant dream. This is where Project Why comes in. They have set up four different project in the slums around Delhi to provide extra educational support to the street kids, pre and post school. When we visited one afternoon, the ‘classroom’ was packed full of kids eager to learn and to show off their skills. They were so happy to be in a space dedicated to them and their development. Volunteers support the team to deliver a range of subjects including English, maths and IT. Across town, there is a women’s centre, again full of young ladies learning tailoring and wellbeing skills including massage, hairdressing and henna. Even further across town we visited a tranquil little bubble of learning set under the mango trees. For these children, the priority is not just the lessons, but gathering the paperwork together so they are actually registered onto the education system. They are so grateful to be getting the opportunity to learn and with this particular project, there’s the added nourishment of delicious food donated by partner restaurant Mamagoto. We are delighted to say that Project Why is Savitri Trust’s newest project. We are thrilled to be working alongside them to increase their capacity and grow what is already a thriving community of learning and development.