This #WorldWildlifeDay we announced our new partnership with Beaver Trust, an exciting addition to Savitri’s growing work on ecosystem restoration.

Beavers play a crucial role in the functioning of our ecosystems, serving as a nature-based solution to land, river and wildlife restoration. Although native to Britain, these ecosystem engineers were hunted to extinction 400 years ago. More recently, they have been reintroduced across the UK in an effort to reverse environmental degradation and decreasing wildlife numbers.

Through the careful construction of wetlands comprised of dams, ponds, and canals beavers can alter their surrounding environment in a way that’s hugely beneficial for people and planet. Not only can their dams filter out pollutants and alleviate flooding, but they also capture carbon, prevent droughts and encourage the growth of surrounding nature and wildlife.

Having recognised the benefits of working with beavers to restore our ecosystems and mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis, this partnership forms a key part of our approach to improving the health of people and planet.

Beaver Trust focuses on convening an alliance of stakeholders to agree and deliver a National Beaver Strategy. They work with local communities on the ground – providing guidance on how best to coexist with beaver wetlands – and collaborate with experts to inform policy to naturally heal our waterways.

Head over to their website to find out more about how these amazing creatures can help us work towards creating a healthier planet.

Illustration from Savitri's 2019 - 2020 Annual Report