Indigenous Peoples make up 6% of the world’s population, and yet are responsible for stewarding 80% of its remaining biodiversity (United Nations).

As guardians of the earth’s ecosystems, we recognise the importance of listening to, learning from and protecting their traditional wisdom as part of the movement for climate justice.

Having had the opportunity to listen to key indigenous figures first-hand, it is clear that we have much to learn from their approach to nature – one of complete respect and reciprocity. Indigenous communities have a very perceptive and sacred understanding of their surrounding natural environments. These values shape their relationships and interactions with nature, ensuring that there is a constant balance of give and take between the two.

Since 2019, we have increasingly directed funds in support of indigenous communities in the fight to defend their rights and safeguard their ancestral land and knowledge. We are working collaboratively with partners to support communities at the forefront of marginalisation and environmental degradation in India and South America.

Photo © Flourishing Diversity: Our Trustee, Devika Waney Mokhtarzadeh, meeting Benki and Moises Piyako, leaders & shamans from the Ashaninka (an indigenous group from the Amazon rainforest of Peru and Brazil) at the 2019 Flourishing Diversity Summit.