We are passionate about the future of our world.

We recognise that precious finite resources must be carefully stewarded and replenished and that effective environmental projects support both people and our planet. 


We’ve seen first-hand the effect of climate change on the agricultural sector in India; from extreme droughts affecting farmers in Chhattisgarh, to serious flooding restricting travel between eye camps in Bihar. Increasingly it is the poorest, most rural communities who are impacted the most. Our work with partners in India focuses on projects to improve the agricultural incomes and food security among poor tribal farmers, by building dug wells and Lift Irrigation Systems. To expand our environmental work beyond India, we look for organisations aligned with our philosophy and are excited to grow this programme area.

Olivier Nsengimana with Savitri trustee, Devika Mokhtarzadeh

The Whitley Fund for Nature

Often referred to as the 'Green Oscars', the Whitley Fund identify successful local conservation heroes and grant their winners hugely prestigious awards. Winning an award offers a spotlight to some of the best locally-based environmental work in the world, and as a result, winners receive not only vital funding but also a greater opportunity to influence and share their work. 2017 was our first year to sponsor an award, which went to Ximena Velez-Liendo and her project to support the national efforts to protect the Andean Bears of Bolivia. In 2018, we're delighted to be supporting Olivier Nsengimana whose work in Rwanda is protecting the emblematic grey crowned crane.

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Client Earth

Client Earth are a hugely impressive environmental law organisation fighting to protect the health of our planet. Working across a range of sectors including; climate, forest, oceans, energy, wildlife, and health, they work to protect the environment through advocacy, litigation and science. We are supporting their Harmful Chemicals initiative to replace hazardous chemicals with safe alternatives.

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The Gaia Foundation

Gaia is a small, spirited organisation working across the globe with communities to revive bio-diversity and regenerate healthy ecosystems in the face of climate change. We're pleased to be supporting a rural community in Zimbabwe where projects work to preserve and revive traditional seed knowledge and farming practices with women.

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The Soil Association

The Soil Association champions organic principles and practice, to secure the health and vitality of people, farm animals and nature. They work to make good food the easy choice for everyone across the UK, whoever and wherever they are. We are proud to be supporting this important work.

Action for Social Advancement (ASA)

We worked in India with our partner ASA to give farmers the knowledge and equipment to safely construct wells and implement Lift Irrigation Systems. Projects allowed them to develop their understanding and practice of organic farming techniques and provide support and expertise to ensure they could farm their land effectively.

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I find myself very lucky to have this well – it was my dream which has now come true

Akuti, farmer, Chhattisgarh