We are passionate about the future of our world. We recognise that precious finite resources must be carefully stewarded and replenished and that effective environmental projects support both people and our planet.


We've seen first-hand the effect of climate change on the agricultural sector in India; from extreme droughts affecting farmers in Chhattisgarh, to serious flooding restricting travel between eye camps in Bihar. Increasingly it is the poorest, most rural communities who are impacted the most. Our work with partners in India focuses on projects to improve the agricultural incomes and food security among poor tribal farmers, by building dug wells and Lift Irrigation Systems. To increase our support for local environmental entrepreneurs, in 2017 we partnered with The Whitley Fund for Nature sponsoring a prestigious conservation prize.

Ximena Velez-Liendo - Our Whitley Award winner

Ximena is Principal Researcher at grassroots NGO, Prometa. With 18 years of experience working with Andean bears, Ximena led the first and only national-level habitat assessment of the species status in South America, which identified the IADF as a priority area for bear conservation. This cross-disciplinary project will generate the first population estimate for bears in the country, and scale up efforts to quantify human-bear conflict. The results will be used to support a national plan for the species’ recovery and develop strategies to enable coexistence with farmers.

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With our partner Action for Social Advancement (ASA) we give farmers the knowledge and equipment to safely construct wells and implement Lift Irrigation Systems (LIS). Chhattisgarh is a particularly needy state, the rural populations are extremely poor and lacking in many basic resources. Farmers are working the land with their bare hands, often lack in coordinated efforts and are not necessarily aware of government farming schemes that they are entitled to. We work together with them to develop their understanding and practice of organic farming techniques and provide support and expertise to ensure they can farm their land effectively.

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These interventions of dug wells and Lift Irrigation Systems are making significant economic and social improvements to the farming community. Each LIS is owned cooperatively by a group of farmers known as a Water User Group. The installation of an LIS is a technically demanding process and therefore involves a great deal of input from the beneficiaries. The knock on effects are far reaching - as the standard of living increases, Families have more food security and there is a considerable decrease in borrowing from money lenders. School enrolment rates are rising and communities are working together to manage and maintain their water systems.

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I find myself very lucky to have this well – it was my dream which has now come true

Akuti, farmer, Chhattisgarh